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Progressing your pronunciation and communication skill is a life-long, long term kinda goal. We are the last ones who will tell you there is a quick fix, magic trick to sharpening your English Speaking.

You’ve got to make the daily drill and practice as ritual as brushing your teeth…
I know… it would be a beautiful thing if 5 appointments with a speech pathologist made it all better. You’re going to need more than that! Personal practice is key. We’re communication scientists and the last thing we want to do is make up fairy tales for adults!
Which is why we have been working hard to create Cadenza™.


Musical Term

A parenthetical flourish in a solo musical work  commonly just before a finale or other important moment, usually performed alone by the soloist to show virtuosity while the orchestra waits.

Cadenza™ is your solo space to refine communication goals

Daily Communication Practise is Hard!

But we’ve got you.

Access your pronunciation resources on mobile, tablet, laptop.

Remove the effort to do something in an easy, breezy and inspiring interface custom built to you.

This will be a massive game changer for your speaking practise.

How do I know this?

Well, the interface has been designed by an opera singer & speech pathologist. If there is anything we opera singers know about it is practice! We can do Cadenzas because we practice daily for about ten years before even sounding half decent.

Secondly, using Speech Pathology strategies you’ll find an indispensable guide to refine your speaking in a no nonsense clear manner.

English Pronunciation Doesn't Come with a Handbook

Sadly the beauty of English pronunciation is that it can feel like one big phonetic mystery…

And it is, it really is. This is the true nature of the English language- phonetic mystery.

There simply is not one hard and fast set of spelling rules to count on to decipher how to say all the things.


Luckily, we created the next best thing.

This is Cadenza™

It's a solo suite membership program just for you.
Inside, you’ll find your entire roadmap to daily speaking practise. There’s no second guessing because your Pronunciation Drills will keep you on track.



Cadenza™ leads you by the hand and outlines the core basics of English speaking. It’s simple, clear and clean.

What Courses Are Included?

Cadenza grows alongside your own communication growth. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that you have fresh & up-to-date content.

Here's A Sample!

Gain access to Specific Phonetic based content like:
Or delve into helpful pronunciation strategies such as:
Refine your command of grammar rules and pronunciation:
Refresh your vowels like these two:
Or hang tight for new content in the pipeline, about to launch…
Then there is linking! This concept always needs lots of work!
Learn new practise strategies

Tighten up your phonetic transcription

Freshen up some grammar

And so much more!

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Listen. If Cadenza™ gave you a framework to practise communication goals daily to stay aware of English pronunciation features, would it be worthwhile?




If pronunciation and communication is something you are working on, then yes.




If you’re wanting a space to stay connected with pronunciation strategies  on the go then this is it.


Ooh, yeah.


If you know that communication progress is all about lifelong learning not a 5 week fix,


We speak the same language- Realism.


You’ve got to keep the work up.

If you feel like you need speech pathology feedback for life to change your speech patterns…


you don’t…


But, you do need something to keep yourself pronunciation fit.

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