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Find Out Exactly How to Progress Your English Speaking Strategically
Ever want an entire roadmap to pronunciation success?


There’s no second guessing if you have a Personalised Pronunciation Audit because we will diagnose and prescribe exactly what your English speaking needs at the moment to move forward.


Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit leads you by the hand.


We will identify which one of the 5 Bottlenecks to Pronunciation Clarity you need to overcome now.


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When it comes to your English pronunciation is it really possible to improve as an adult by identifying your number one speaking bottleneck?

Here’s the thing…

If you want to improve your English pronunciation, you need to know this:

There are 5 basic bottlenecks that can really hold you back from achieving more clarity and impact.

And every speaker, tends to have a primary pronunciation bottleneck that is the #1 thing holding them back from progressing. 

The massive challenge is this: When it comes to mastering English pronunciation, there are so many things going on for you. It can be really difficult to identify what that #1 bottleneck is and how to fix it. 

Solving this problem for clients from many language backgrounds is what my team do all day, every day…

Progress your English Speaking Strategically

Speak with more clarity, precision & impact
If You Struggle To Speak Clearly … if you know you are not pronouncing letters correctly… if fail to hear the sound differences between your speech and native English speech…if speaking clearly with your peers and customers in a professional environment is a real challenge…if using the right tone of voice to get your message across feels difficult or even if you want to be able to engage in conversations more confidently and effectively then pay close attention, because There’s A Reason Why.

And the reason why is because when you go to communicate there is so much going on that it’s difficult to figure out the #1 biggest thing to improve in your pronunciation to focus on first. 

When it comes to your English speaking, there is no one size fits all answer. This is why I have developed Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit. You will have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive audit of your English speaking currently so that you can find out exactly how to progress your English speaking strategically. The Personalised Pronunciation Audit will diagnose and prescribe exactly what your English pronunciation needs right now. 

You Need to Progress your English Pronunciation but You Don’t Know Where to Start…

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Personalised Feedback into your English Pronunciation & Accent

If you feel like you need feedback on your speaking to progress, this is where speech pathologists have the tools! I have been trained extensively to clinically diagnose sound pronunciation using phonetics in a clinical manner. I’m a speech pathologist and also an opera singer who has had to learn to perform clearly and accent free in Italian, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian and even Spanish… Phonetics is my toolbox for both careers and I can’t wait to dig deep into your pronunciation to help you speak with more impact and precision. 


Previously, the only way to get feedback on your speaking pronunciation was by coming to my private practice in Melbourne, which tends to book out. But now you can do it right where you are. Yes, right there, in the comfort of your own home or even office! 

Now Voice Science, my clinic, has reached a point where I am only personally available to help X number of people a week. But I know conclusively that there are so many people needing support in this area. I see that daily. 

But I have this information that you all need.

Over 6 years I have developed a tested and systematic method to audit your speaking pronunciation and in so doing pin point the exact bottleneck you are facing in your speaking.

And I want to share that with you.

No matter where you are.

So that you know where you stand and have a gameplan to progress.

Not many people can tell you in detail how your English pronunciation actually is

and what you need to work on
Which is why I have created the Personalised Pronunciation Audit, to reach you, whereever you are. Even if you are in a non English speaking country you can now access expert diagnosis from a specialised Speech Pathologist. 

When did you ever have the chance to focus intensely on your pronunciation and sit with an expert to get a blueprint of what you need to do next?

Easy, personalised & inspiring assessment into your speaking

What is Included?

Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit includes:

  • A tailored & comprehensive audit into every single sound of English.
  • BONUS: A Bonus 30-minute Pronunciation Feedback Session With Sarah, our Chief Speech Pathologist.
  • Learn Which One Of The 5 Bottlenecks To Pronunciation Clarity You Need to Overcome Right Now
  • Do The Audit In Your Own Time-zone According to Your Schedule


The Personalised Pronunciation Audit


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